How to sell products directly on blogs, Facebook or YouTube

Do you want to reach your target group where they cavort? With the dsb shopping widget, we link the products that are exciting for your customers to the appropriate content in online news, blogs, Facebook posts or YouTube videos. This enables your customers to make hyper-spontan purchases and reduces the number of cancelled purchases to a minimum.
You sell sporting goods? We ensure that your football boots are displayed directly in the relevant articles and videos of your customers’ favourite media. To buy, your customers click on the article picture. The order is placed directly from the widget – without detour via the web shop.

Order processing in record time

  • in the blog, news or video portal
  • with minimum details (address via Amazon Payments & PayPal)
  • Attractive for Publishers & Platforms
  • Reader & Viewer stay on the page
  • Uncomplicated integration
  • Users see suitable products for them
  • Maximum reach for sellers
  • Sales via social media channels (without shop)
  • Product & content are perfectly coordinated
  • Tracking for accurate displays
  • High CTR due to the credibility of blogs, news
  • Real-time coupling to shop inventories
  • Orders flow into customer database and history

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