Impulse generator: Digital innovations for the media industry

On February 13, decision-makers from the media industry discussed digital trends at the dsb user conference. “In the Customer Care and Billing platform, we manage 8,500,000 subscriptions in a wide variety of alternatives throughout Europe. Since we manage the online subscription shops of some of our customers, we also know the latest trends in online sales and which models and campaigns convert.

This knowledge flowed into the new version of the customer care and billing solution ccb fly. ccb fly seamlessly integrates access to online content (including various paywall models), online subscription shop and online customer service with back-office systems such as subscription management software, billing and ERP system.

dsb developers flexibly integrate the publisher’s own systems into the platform solution and thus ensure data transfer without media discontinuity.

CMS + Paywall + Subscription Management = Perfect Lifecycle Management

  • Store customer data centrally
  • Store reading habits
  • (read, bought articles, watch lists)
  • Track reading progress
  • Set up fellow readers on accounts
  • Content Paywall Proxy for CMS
  • Convert Paywall Content
  • Fully automated access checks
  • Single Source of Truth: cross-channel, reader-specific campaigns

“ccb fly provides marketers with a complete view of each individual reader, enabling them to develop and correctly bill them individually. ccb fly is an integrated solution, especially for the German market. Here we combine tools that have proven themselves over many years,” adds Martin Wepper, CEO dsb ebusiness.

A customer account for digital and print consumption

ccb+ books purchases fully automatically and cross-media to a customer account. No more time-consuming account consolidations.

ccb fly

  • invoices digital & print content, bundles & special edition.
  • handles backend authentication.
  • handles the billing of time-based subscriptions to the second.
  • processes upgrades and downgrades fully automatically.
  • offers one view of the customer.
  • sends individualized push messages.
  • aggregates multiple reader accounts into one account.
  • books payments via PayPal, AmazonPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay etc.

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