Successfully connecting marketplaces: That’s what counts

211) Individual connection or multiple marketplace integration?
Would you like to serve different sales platforms? We will work with you to develop a concept for multiple marketplace integration. After all, we want to create sustainable solutions and be able to quickly integrate additional channels. We successfully implement integrations for the following marketplaces: ebay, OTTO, La Redoute, Galaries Lafayette, Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof, Allegro and Rakuten.

2) Extensive data analysis
How detailed is the information about your products? From which data sources do they originate and in which format are they available? Our experts ensure that the data is available in the formats relevant to the marketplace. We consider the quality and timing of availability and optimize where necessary.

3) Content preparation
Our content team takes care of the finishing touches: We ensure that your assortment is assigned to the appropriate product groups and, if necessary, add missing attributes. Here we take care of data mapping, among other things. If, for example, a platform specifies different colour shades in its colour filter than you have defined in your shop, the information for all articles is assigned to these colour shades accordingly. In addition, we optimize data for target platforms in order to improve visibility there.

4) Smooth data exchange
We ensure that data from various sources (ERP, e-shop, PIM) can be used. The middleware dsb connect links the different systems. As a distribution platform, it ensures that article data, inventory data, order data and order status are transferred to the right places in the correct format and interval-controlled.

5) Central Stock Management
If you have several sales channels, you quickly lose track of which articles are still available. With Central Stock Management, we provide cross-platform inventory management in real time. Current article inventories are dynamically reported back to all your sales channels – if desired to the second.

And after the integration is completed?
Thanks to intelligent networking and fully automated data transfers, you can launch individual articles or entire collections simultaneously at the push of a button in the shop and on various marketplaces. Product descriptions, article numbers, images, etc. are then delivered to the marketplaces in the required format.