Widget für recurring payments

Publishers and subscription service providers love them, but hardly any readers give them their consent to the SEPA lasch writing procedure. Data entry is too tedious for most people.

Our alternative: The instant payment widget. With this tool, customers can use any payment method for recurring payments.

This is how it works:
1. PDF invoice contains widget link
2. customers click on the link
3. invoice amount appears
4. customer chooses the payment method
5. payment is done

The instant payment widget pushes instant payments. Secure, fast and convenient. With the payment methods PayPal and Amazon Pay only email and PW input are necessary.

With the instant payment widget you can improve your cash flow, because VAT is due upon invoicing. Fast payments therefore increase your financial strength.
Use the widget for marketing campaigns or customer retention actions. Send cancellations a discount or an upgrade to the free digital edition via widget link.

Advantages of instant payment widgets:
– Your customers pay immediately.
– Convert offline to online payments.
– You push targeted marketing campaigns.
– You improve your cash flow.
– You lower the cancellation rate.

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