Aggregate, centrally maintain and push product data fully automated

Real-time data transfer to all channels

You sell your products in your own e-shop, via several online marketplaces, your B2B platform and via a print catalog? For many manufacturers and dealers, this is a time-consuming and error-prone undertaking. This is because the product information for the identical article must be delivered in a different file format for each distribution channel. Selection criteria such as colors and sizes also vary between the various distribution platforms.

We conncect your e-shop to ERP, stock and logistics software.
dsb ebusiness provides you with its flexible and dynamic PIM (Product Information Management). We combine data collected in different systems, enrich it where necessary and transfer it in the required format to the appropriate sales channel.

We connect synchronous and asynchronous worlds. The data exchange takes place as real-time matching using online data or in a batch process

Your advantages:

Call it what you like...
Whether Product Resource Management (PRM), Product Data Management (PDM) or Product Content Management (PCM) - there is always one thing behind it: the central management of product information.

We synchronize your product information in our PIM. In this way we offer you investment security for your existing IT systems.

Define & play out product information & prices channel-specific

The item information is delivered fully automated to each sales channel in the correct file format and with all necessary details. Prices, descriptions or article names can be defined differently for your own store, Amazon etc.

Central stock management included

Our stock management solution dsb.inventory is part of dsb.connect and offers you the real-time connection of your inventory to your multiple distribution sources.

dsb.inventory communicates receipts and issues of the total stock to all distribution channels in a matter of seconds. Thanks to online stock management, you sell more because you no longer have to reserve defined numbers of articles for different marketplaces, as all systems access the real-time stock.

By the way: dsb.inventory grows with you, because the number of stock and order resources can be expanded as desired.

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