Individualisierte Cross- und Up-Selling-Angebote

dsb-fly Innovation-Roundtable 2021

On June 16, developers, project managers and customer consultants from dsb ebusiness met again for the dsb Innovation Roundtable. This time, the focus was on the following topic: churn minimization through individualized cross- and up-selling offers.

The dsb team discussed innovative ways to avert churn via the new module dsb XSell. dsb XSell is a further development of the dsb Recommendation Engine and part of the dsb-fly system landscape.

Behind dsb XSell lies a sophisticated recommendation mechanism. In the coming months, it will be used specifically for subscription cancellation processes.

dsb XSell suggests customized offers to subscribers who cancel online, based on their reading habits and the customer information stored. After querying the reason for cancellation, they can

Other publisher-specific offers to prevent cancellation can also be configured flexibly in XSell. This enables general-interest and trade publishers to decimate their churn rate in a targeted manner.

Subscription adjustments are transferred fully automatically and are immediately available in the customer care and billing platform. They are applied to the next billing or magazine dispatch.

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