From the shooting directly to the webshop

Update 10,000 photos in the e-shop at one go

And this is how automatic image management with dsb picture works:
Directly from the shooting, your photo service provider transmits the photos, via ftp or stores them in a previously defined directory. The tool can also use customer-specific interfaces. Now dsb picture starts with fully automatic image processing.

Convert, enlarge, reduce, crop - dsb picture does it for you.
After your approval, the images are immediately imported into the web store. This means that you earn money the same day with items that have just been photographed. If the existing e-commerce system does not yet offer automated image resizing for Responsive Websites, or does not convert retina resolutions, this is made available in the process.

dsb picture automatically assigns product photos to the correct articles in the store.
In advance, the software checks the image quality, assigns images directly to color categories and checks whether naming conventions are followed.

With dsb picture, you can define your own color categories.
The software then automatically arranges your product photos. In a complete overview, all items are displayed and you can easily decide which items you want to sort differently -- so that color filters and faceted searches work immediately.

dsb picture enables SEO-optimized image naming.
Complete product names are a precondition for images to appear in search engine queries as relevant results. With dsb picture, you can automatically assign specific keywords to photos in color clusters, or sort them according to other criteria and assign meta information to them. The result: your products are listed with the appropriate search terms.

One image source for all: e-commerce, marketing, PDM, controlling and design
After successful processing, dsb picture transfers the images to different systems or stores them on specified drives. If there are different colors and shapes for a pants model over the years, then all of them are archived in dsb picture. Fashion designers always have the development of a model in view. The marketing department uses dsb picture as a motif source for advertisements. The current product image is clearly marked for everyone. This prevents outdated images from being used. Updates to the image inventory are automatically duplicated in all folders, so that the same photos are available across all departments. By linking dsb picture to your reporting tool, you can use product images instead of article codes for your evaluations. In this way, you create reports that are easier to read.

The advantages of an automated image management system at a glance:
- Prevention of media breaks and manual errors
- Consistently high image quality for all target platforms
- Transparent processes
- Cross-company image database
- SEO Optimization
- Version management with access to different image versions

Would you like to experience the tool in action? Arrange a product demo:
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That is why dsb picture makes sense
The success of a webshop depends largely on the quality of the article images. Besides professional photos, time is an important criterion. Trends change in a flash, influenced by social media campaigns and bloggers.

Additionally there are current events:: Germany becomes field hockey or handball world champion. Merchandising goods have to go on sale as long as the hype for the respective sport continues. Whoever is the first to offer the articles and illustrate them with product photos is the winner in the battle for customers.

Another factor is the inventory turnover rate: Items produced in the Far East arrive earlier than expected. Now they have to be offered in the webshop as quickly as possible.

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