We create value throughdigital transformation

Together we shape the future of your products and services. We accelerate your digital transformation and make sure that your business is prepared for future challenges – with newest technology and expert know-how.

As we prefer to be pacesetters instead of followers, we provide you with cutting-edge technology. Together we identify the unused potentials of your business and create innovative business models.


Nadine Friedrich

We are experienced in digital business transformation and help you adjusting your corporate structure.

Nadine Friedrich,
Team Leader Project Management

Solutions adapted to your growth

Our e-commerce concepts are futureproof, modular and expandable. This also applies to our flexible shop software, data warehouse and cross-channel marketing solutions. We customize our services to your needs.

Our consultants are experts in SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing and social media. That is why we prefer to work success-oriented.

Our customers trust in our expertise. Most of them allow us to directly manage their different service providers.


Systematic Usability Analyses
Our experts check if your shop meets current usability standards, identify deficiencies and discover potential for improvement.

Usability Testing
Real users have to complete predefined tasks in your online store. We analyse their behaviour and improve your customer journey.

Based on a detailed competitor analysis we define optimisation potentials.

A/B Testing
Whether it’s a new design for your online shop or a voucher campaign. With our continuous A/B testing we will identify the most successful version.

Online Surveys
Get to know your target group and their wishes better through specific online surveys.

Hannes Flaig

We optimise your front end continuously concerning net sales, brand image and usability.

Hannes Flaig,
UX Architect

E-Business andFulfillment

We are experts in warehousing, back office services and Customer Relationship Management. As part of the Beck Group we offer more than 40 years of international fulfilment experience.

We know the operative processes in the mail order and e-commerce business. We offer you all-in-one solutions that include logistics, customer care and billing services as well as data warehouse solutions and CRM software.

Our customers benefit from our long-term operational experience. We recognize potential obstacles before they turn into problems and eliminate them for you. This way you avoid costly errors and maximize your profit.

Record Net SalesShop Solutions

Your keyword ranks in Google’s search results are excellent? Your e-commerce return rate is extremely low and your net sales are exploding? Congratulations you are an e-commerce specialist! If that’s not the case, we will help you achieving these goals.

For more than 20 years our experts successfully develop and operate online shops for fashion brands, publishers and the food industry. Betty Barclay, Gardeur, GEORGE GINA & LUCY, Future Publishing and London Review of Books rely on our professionalism and know-how.

Our expertiseyour success

Our clients benefit from more than 40 years of fulfilment expertise and two decades of e-commerce know-how. We closely collaborate with the Goethe University in Frankfurt and implement the most recent scientific findings in our concepts and strategies.

We do not follow others but combine creativity and research to develop successful online shops and online marketing campaigns.

Martin Wepper

We know the operational processes behind your webshop. We help you identify stumbling blocks in your service center, administration or logistics that have a negative impact on your electronic commerce.

Martin Wepper,
Managing Director

InternationalizationGlobal Sucess

Do you know that the objection period in Belgium is 15 days? Are you aware, that credit screenings are not possible in every country? Due to our long-term international experience, we know these country-specific differences and make sure, that your global online business grows profitably.

We take care that your brand image is correctly transported in Europe and overseas via your online shop, in SEM, SEO and social media marketing.

More thanMobile Commerce

Your customers expect device-independent shopping experiences. Online shoppers no longer differentiate between online, offline and mobile. Multi-channel strategies are being replaced by cross-channel concepts.

Your online shop has to offer its visitors a high customer experience across multiple devices. If you want to engage your clients, you need to address them in a personalized approach. The basis of successful connected commerce is the comprehensive user analyses through a high-performance business intelligence tool, that allows you to do cross channel persona building for individual shopping experiences.

Martin Wepper

If your webshop is not optimized for mobile commerce your customers will be frustrated and your brand image gets damaged.

Martin Wepper,
Managing Director


Online shoppers want to be addressed as individuals. Thriving online stores like Spotify, Amazon and Netflix offer their customers personalized shopping experiences and individual offers. Only if you are able to identify the cross-media surfing patterns of your visitors you can offer them accurate, device-independent purchase recommendations.

Are you interested in our conversion boosting methods? We would like to introduce you to our Business-Intelligence-Cockpit and its analysis.

Search EngineMarketing

You got lost somewhere between the Google Panda, Fred and Penguin update? We are specialised in search engine marketing (SEM). Our experts run online marketing campaigns on regional, supra-regional and international levels. Customers benefit from our e-commerce middleware, which uses data of your product information management system (PIM) to create key words.

Contact us to show you, how the automated key word generation works.

Nadine Friedrich

The agreements with our clients are success oriented and therefore at a minimum risk. You can be sure, that we invest your money profitably and that you will benefit from a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Nadine Friedrich,
Team Leader Project Management

Experts inSocial Media

Together with our digital marketers you define the channels that are frequented by your target group. We then develop creative and authentic social media campaigns for Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Thanks to our close and individualized monitoring, we address your customers and prospective customers with the messages they are interested in via the platform they are preferring.

Chatbots, Messengers or micro-influencers? During a joint workshop we find out, what really fits your needs.

Yves Khoury

It is hard work to generate real fans. But once you have won their hearts, they share their passion with others.

Yves Khoury,
Junior Project Manager


We find partners that fit to your brand. We are not looking for quick wins, but for a long-term effects and affiliates that match your marketing strategy. Neckermann, Karstadt, Zalando, La Redoute and Rakuten are only a few platforms we are working with.

Pay per click, pay per lead, pay per sale – We analyse which business model suits your sales and branding objectives. For we do not want traffic at any cost but the highest possible contact quality. After all we would like to win loyal customers and realise a high conversion rate.

Yves Khoury

With our individual concepts we generate sustainable high net sales.

Yves Khoury,
Project Manager


On which platform do your products deliver the higher contribution margin? Are your top-selling articles also on top of your returns? Who are the readers of your newsletter that turned into buyers? You need a detailed analysis on delivery periods, payment method, creditworthiness and return rate?

Our business intelligence cockpit gives you the answers. Maximize your net sale with us and optimize your advertising budget.

Multipledata sources

Successful e-commerce depends on powerful business intelligence tools. That is why we developed our own data warehouse solution dsb data. dsb data offers you real-time insights of your customer behaviour and identifies new business opportunities. It collects and combines information from sales force automation tools, google analytics, customer care and billing platforms, ERP and supply chain management suites. Web tracking results from your online shop meet with data of your retail stores.

Do you want to invite your online customers with a WhatsApp message to visit your retail store, when they are passing by your shop in town? dsb data automatically adds an individually matching outfit to your message. That’s connected commerce.

Nadine Friedrich

With our business intelligence solution you surprise your customers with individually interesting cross-channel offers.

Nadine Friedrich,
Team Leader Project Management