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Which product performes best in which country and on which platform? Is your top seller also top in returns? Do you need an evaluation of delivery times, payment methods, creditworthiness and return rates? Smart data analyses from our Business Intelligence Cockpit provide you with the answers.

Our BI tool dsb data offers

Our Business Intelligence Cockpit is not a data one-way street. Here web tracking results from online stores and apps meet retail sales. Enriched with real-time data from PIM, CRM and ERP, the dsb data warehouse becomes a multi-process controlling tool.

Retail, online stores, marketplaces... The more data from different sources is integrated into the data warehouse, the clearer correlations become. The dsb Business Intelligence Cockpit has interfaces to ERP and PIM and connects e-shop and marketplace evaluations with offline data from retail.

Our BI optimizes your purchase, sales, marketing and distribution processes. With dsb data you are able to measure cross-channel Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  In the dsb Business Intelligence Cockpit, data is collected from procurement, to sales, marketing and distribution.

Send customers strolling near your store a message on their cell phone with outfit suggestions from abandoned shopping carts, combined with an invitation to stop by your store. This is how Connected Commerce works!


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