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Your keyword ranks in Google’s search results are excellent? Your e-commerce return rate is extremely low and your net sales are exploding? Congratulations you are an e-commerce specialist! If that’s not the case, we will help you achieving these goals.

For more than 20 years our experts successfully develop and operate online shops for fashion brands, publishers and the food industry. Betty Barclay, Gardeur, GEORGE GINA & LUCY, Future Publishing and London Review of Books rely on our professionalism and know-how.

Our expertiseyour success

Our clients benefit from more than 40 years of fulfilment expertise and two decades of e-commerce know-how. We closely collaborate with the Goethe University in Frankfurt and implement the most recent scientific findings in our concepts and strategies.

We do not follow others but combine creativity and research to develop successful online shops and online marketing campaigns.

Martin Wepper

We know the operational processes behind your webshop. We help you identify stumbling blocks in your service center, administration or logistics that have a negative impact on your electronic commerce.

Martin Wepper,
Managing Director

InternationalizationGlobal Sucess

Do you know that the objection period in Belgium is 15 days? Are you aware, that credit screenings are not possible in every country? Due to our long-term international experience, we know these country-specific differences and make sure, that your global online business grows profitably.

We take care that your brand image is correctly transported in Europe and overseas via your online shop, in SEM, SEO and social media marketing.

More thanMobile Commerce

Your customers expect device-independent shopping experiences. Online shoppers no longer differentiate between online, offline and mobile. Multi-channel strategies are being replaced by cross-channel concepts.

Your online shop has to offer its visitors a high customer experience across multiple devices. If you want to engage your clients, you need to address them in a personalized approach. The basis of successful connected commerce is the comprehensive user analyses through a high-performance business intelligence tool, that allows you to do cross channel persona building for individual shopping experiences.

Martin Wepper

If your webshop is not optimized for mobile commerce your customers will be frustrated and your brand image gets damaged.

Martin Wepper,
Managing Director