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Our middleware optimizes data transfers

Our middleware links heterogeneous systems and ensures smooth data exchanges. dsb connect handles the data flows between ERP, PIM, financial accounting, stock management, marketplaces, tradebyte, feeds & online stores. Well-known companies trust in our data import and data export solutions.system landscape small

Our Connect software has interfaces* to
SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, infor, sage, abas, PSI, IFS, step ahead, ProALPHA, Magnet, Oxid, Gambio, JTL Shop, Shopware, xt commerce, OS commerce

The Middleware supports:
DB2, DB400, div. SQL und div. NoSQL sowie Doc, CVS, XML, JSON, XML, BMECat, xlc etc..

The technical facts at one glance:


(file formats, protocols etc. ) 

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Other solutions:

E-Shop, Marketplaces, E-Consulting, Online Store Solutions, Business Intelligence

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