Platform Solution: dsb fly

We Connect Webshops, Logistics, Billing and Customer Care  

From print and digital subscriptions to single sales and paywall protected content - dsb fly handles all purchases. 

Real-Time Data Transfers

dsb fly processes and transfers data between e-shops, marketplaces, Salesforce, financial accounting systems, PIM, logistics and more.

dsb fly Identifies The Customers of Tomorrow

dsb fly provides customized analytics reports for more growth and thus increases app and web sales. 

Profit From Impulse Purchases via Facebook and YouTube

dsb fly widget solutions ensure high usability and maximum reach across all online channels.

Customer Service 24/7

Our online self-service features enable customers to manage their subscriptions and payment information at all times. 

Process Automation

dsb fly reduces the number of inquiries that your service agents have to manually handle. Benefit from an automated email tool that automatically categorizes and responds to messages. 

Quick Implementations 

With our modular microservice architecture, existing client solutions can be quickly integrated with dsb fly. 

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